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 Brain Work Recursive Therapy


BWRT® is a new therapy which provides an entirely natural way to help rewire your thoughts and emotional reactions. It is extremely effective at dealing with all sorts of Anxiety related issues, Past Trauma, GAD, Social Phobia, Panic Attacks, PTSD, OCD, Low Self Esteem, Confidence and many other psychological difficulties because it stops troublesome, anxious, irrational thoughts before you are even aware of them.

This unique cutting-edge therapy combines the latest thinking on neuroscience techniques to create rapid and permanent change without the need for any ongoing coping strategies. At the BWRT International Congress in May 2018, Bradley Knight eminent Psychologist and Community Counsellor described BWRT as the ‘Silver Bullet’ in helping people to resolve their psychological problems.


  • Easy to understand - logical process

  • Fast - cost-effective

  • Permanent

  • No ongoing coping strategies necessary

  • No Hypnosis involved

  • Completely Confidential

  • No need to share your secrets with the therapist

  • Therapy is available online via FaceTime, Zoom, etc

  • Free initial consultation

Benefits of BWRT

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BWRT is perfect for people who want to work on an issue but are really nervous about talking about their past. Or simply can’t or don't want to, as it’s far too upsetting for them. The wonderful thing about BWRT is that you can work on a difficult past experience without ever having to talk much about it, or even tell your therapist about it. You only need to know what it is you want to work on, such as, “I feel anxious all the time”.

During the session you can work on a past experience, or the present without telling the therapist any of the details, and this in no way affects the outcomes of the therapy. Brain working recursive therapy is also useful if you do want to commit to a certain type of long-term talking therapy, but need to reduce and release your anxiety or stress response, so that the therapy can and often does create profound positive changes.

Making positive changes

Your brain has created millions of neural pathway responses, meaning that often you will respond and react to events and situations in a way that doesn't always serve you. Imagine if you could change that unwanted response to a positive! By stopping and rerouting, and adapting the brain’s natural response from anything traumatic or unwanted feelings in their tracks, then BWRT can prevent the negative outward symptoms of conditions like depression, anxiety and behavioural issues. BWRT enables you to create a different neural network response – in other words, a different mental reaction – before you even react to something. The change can be so natural and profound that you may not even notice the subtle switch until you realise it.

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Weight management/Anxiety/Phobias/Stress/Panic Attacks/Sports Performance/Traumas/Insomnia/ Sleep Disorders/Negative Patterns/
Pain Management/Tinnitus/Grief/ Confidence/Bruxism

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