Can you be free from pain and fatigue?
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OldPain2Go is an incredible new revolutionary therapy that aims to reduce or remove pain completely. OldPain2Go was formulated by Steven Blake after he removed the pain and suffering of a long-standing issue that Steven had experienced for many years. The technique used was a well known NLP protacol, Steven over time nuanced this and added other components, making it much more effective. Since then OldPain2GO has evolved into a comprehensive way of dealing with pain. It works by reevaluating messages sent from our brains in the form of pain. This can be achieved by communicating with our unconscious and dialling down the pain that can lead to a more harmonious state between our unconscious and physical body. Often after just one session amazing results can be obtained, they're is obviously no gurentee of this, but many, many people gain great benefit from OldPain2Go. 

What kind of pain does it work

OldPain2Go is suitable for a variety of debilitating illnesses and suffering. 

Chronic pain of a long-lasting nature. Conditions and injuries that have healed as far as they can. 






Who is it suitable for?

The main criteria for treatment is the desire to be free of pain without any advantage in keeping hold of the pain being lost. You must have received a diagnosis from a doctor or a medical professional regarding your condition.

Can this work for you?

We work with both your conscious and unconscious to get an agreement to delete and reset old and outdated pain messages. you don't have to believe in the process for it to work, in fact, it is normal for individuals to be somewhat sceptical. Really it is much more about the desire to be free from pain and at least being a little open-minded about this happening.

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