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Neuro-Linguistic Programming

For adults and children

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NLP can help bring about and create an entirely different mindset.

What is NLP

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The answer is difficult to encapsulate in a few words, but it can be a way of facilitating change with someone's thoughts and behaviours to help overcome obstacles and achieve goals. NLP can help with many issues anxiety, phobias, weight management, anxiety, and so many more. When we look at the diagram, we can see that the outside world comes in through our sensory-perceptual filters. Through our senses, we then create our reality out of the external stimulus. This is always a subjective reality; we do not experience the world directly as it is (The map is not the territory) We can, however, change some of our representations through NLP. Thus helping us to see and experience things differently.

NLP for Kids

Children can respond wonderfully well to Neuro-Linguistic programming, it connects our imagination and engages our mind in a way that builds a powerful association between our actions and our behaviours. Children have wonderful imaginations, and by engaging this energy, we can help to change perspective and the way some situations may be triggering a negative reaction. 

We aim to engage the imagination and the inner world of the child or adolescents and actively lead them toward the change that they seek to achieve. We can help the young individual to see
and experience the world in a more positive way.

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Giving the tools to the young individuals that come in can be transformative. Many of the techniques and protocols we use in NLP can be utilised perfectly by children. Using NLP, we work with the senses, mainly
visual, Kinesthetic (feeling) and Hearing, to bring to light any negative patterns and introduce new, more 
positive interpretations. Young minds can be so adaptive, and they can realise they are not their fears. 

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There are so many aspects to NLP, and we can only mention a few here, but if you look at the pyramid of Neurological levels. You can often see where people's issues may be playing out. Basically, the higher we go up the scale towards identity and mission, the more we bring change to other aspects of ourselves. Many people often have identity statements, such as "I am an anxious person" when really it's a behaviour. Pointing out things like this can help to shift people's ideas around self and habits. Using this model, among many in NLP, we can begin to create change.

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Our rule structures

13 NLP presuppositions- the best guide you will need with NLP presuppositions exercise _ N

At the heart of NLP, we have presuppositions, basic ideas that can be useful to remember or learn and can guide us at times. Perhaps we should just look at a few. We have already touched on "The map is not the territory". Meaning that our interpretation is never exactly the reality, we may be close, but it is our subjective meaning-making. The second that we may want to look at here is "There is no such thing as failure" You can see that every time we fail, we cannot help but learn and can take that forward with us, rather than see a black and white success or failure. The last one to look at here that we really don't appreciate. is that behind every action, there is a positive action intended. Sometimes the action being taken may be completely unacceptable; other times the response may be from our unconscious mind in the form of a creative fear or phobia perhaps. even in these scenarios, there is still a positive intention.

NLP is a vast subject with many techniques and ways of looking at things that can help people make the changes they want. A truly enlightening way of looking at things, that can aid all manner of problems. As well as helping people overcome issues, it can be a great educational tool.

South Woodham Ferrers
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And many other local areas in Essex
I also offer online consultations.


Weight management/Anxiety/Phobias/Stress/Panic Attacks/Sports Performance/Traumas/Insomnia/ Sleep Disorders/Negative Patterns/
Pain Management/Tinnitus/Grief/ Confidence/Bruxism

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