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Integral Eye Movement Therapy
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Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) can be a fast-acting agent of change that can help with many issues including, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, coping strategies, eating disorders, guilt, remorse, stress, in fact a host of problems. IEMT aims to help by tackling the original and sometimes the subsequent emotional memories attached to the problem state. It is similar in some ways to EMDR available on the NHS, But IEMT utilises other processes to elicit change as well as eye movement.

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This wonderful practice incorporates at its heart eye movement patterns and following an object in your field of vision in a very specific way, this can help to dissociate from past unwanted feelings and images. IEMT can often help by releasing these internal emotional states that are unconsciously held and it can then lead to a new realisation, this can then sow the seeds of new behaviour and experiencing the world differently. Clients often report amazing changes and often can't believe that negative emotions seemingly intractable are released and now have let go of the emotional power they once held. This as you can imagine can be quite astonishing for many people who have been so restricted and ruled over by past events. IEMT can be a great healing modality for individuals, even for those with sensory impairment or loss. It is just delivered in a different way.

IEMT can also be run completely content free if the client wishes. That is to say you as a client can give as little or as much information about an issue as you wish. Many times as human beings we may want to recount our experiences so the practitioner can understand and empathise with what has happened in the past, perhaps to give a better overall understanding. Either way, IEMT can be an incredibly powerful tool for releasing pent up feelings and yet still keep control.

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Weight management/Anxiety/Phobias/Stress/Panic Attacks/Sports Performance/Traumas/Insomnia/ Sleep Disorders/Negative Patterns/
Pain Management/Tinnitus/Grief/ Confidence/Bruxism

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