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Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

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Learn more about Hypnotherapy for insomnia and sleep issues.

Sleep problems, be it absolute insomnia to a more broken and intermittent state of sleep seem to be a societal problem of our age. Clients come to me exhibiting different problems regarding sleep, but the two most prevalent issues seem to be the lack of ability to actually go to sleep and then the other common pattern is waking up after a few hours. 

What I tend to find is that when people come to me, they have already normally 
tried the clean sleep regime, taking out decaffeinated drinks, and avoiding blue light through computer screens, etc. There are only so many candles you can burn before you realise that perhaps this isn't working. All of these are very valid, by the way, but it's not for me; they are very often not the cure.  

How can Hypnotherapy for Insomnia work for me?

We have to take many things into consideration when trying to create change by using Hypnotherapy for sleep. The thing I find most interesting if we slow down some of our repetitive thoughts and worry loops. Then normally, we begin to sleep more easily. By using Hypnotherapy for sleep, we aim to calm down any repetitive thoughts and connect with our natural rhythm. You cannot will yourself to sleep, really, it's just something we do. Using thoughts to try to go to sleep is actually completely the wrong way to go about things. It is a natural state that we drop into, its like trying to force yourself to relax, it doesn't work. so if you would like to contact me to ee if i may be able to help then please feel free to contact me.

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