What is hypnosis?

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Hypnosis is perfectly natural and is often compared to the state we enter just before going to sleep called a hypnogogic state. We all enter trances every day such as driving a familiar route and not even remembering some of the journey, or being deeply involved in a film or book to a degree where we can block outside distractions and get rapt in our own inner world.


When in Hypnosis you are aware generally of everything that is being said and happening and you are in complete control but deeply relaxed. This natural state is fantastic for change work, as your conscious mind quietens down, this allows your unconscious resources to be accessed. Hypnosis although deeply relaxing by itself, doesn’t bring about change, it is by tapping into this receptive state where people can genuinely feel a shift to a more positive way of feeling, thinking and living.


Can anyone be hypnotised?

Most people certainly can and often do fall into their own induced trances often. There are a few exceptions such as people with severe mental illness or learning difficulties.

Will I be asleep or stuck in a trance?

No, you will be aware. It is impossible for me or anyone else to make you do something you do not wish to do and you are in complete control the whole time. As for getting stuck again, this cannot happen. We change our consciousness constantly through our waking and indeed sleeping state, in fact Hypnosis is just another point of consciousness that happens to be deeply relaxing.

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What methods are used to go into hypnosis?

There are many methods but all are just verbal communication called an induction, which leads you into your own created trance. Remember I am just a guide and facilitator to your own trance. At this point your subconscious is more receptive to new ideas and instructions rather than the well-trodden old negative habits that no longer serve our needs.

How does hypnosis feel?

There is no one definition and it is a uniquely individual response; some people are more adept than others at reaching deeper states initially, although people generally find it easier the more they go into trance. Many people say how relaxing the experience is and it’s really not unusual for the first words uttered as they orientate themselves to be WOW.

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