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Hypnotherapy for Weight Management

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Learn more about Hypnotherapy for Weight Management.

It's an interesting question to ask ourselves why do we eat, seems obvious, I suppose. Unfortunately, this just isn't the case. Logically we think we think we eat to eat to sustain our life, and that's true, but is only part of the picture.  We live in a reward culture, every time we eat, this fires up a dopamine response. So often, we are caught in a cycle of reward that is being fuelled by our unconscious; at this point, we have lost the mind-body connection that would naturally balance our diet. Often then building patterns in our lives that do not serve us.


Frequently by the time people come to see me, they have tried every diet under the sun! People often describe feeling out of control and desperate for things to change.  Weight control is never a one-size-fits-all therapy and so it is necessary to be able to offer various methods of working to see great results and help effect lasting change in habits and behaviours. The reality is this, if diets worked long-term, there would be no need for a billion-pound diet industry; it's not being afraid to eat certain foods or drastically restricting your diet that works.  For lasting weight loss, it is important to look at your habits, triggers and behaviour around food; this is where things can begin to make more sense of our patterns and habits change.

I offer weight management, a unique way to see every client as an individual whilst taking into account lifestyle issues that could impact the changes you may want.  I take a lot of information from you to make sure we get things just right so that you can see results and begin to change things that may have been holding you back. 

How can Hypnotherapy for Weight loss help me?

By using Hypnotherapy for weight management, we hope to create real change. We aren't just trying to create a new diet plan but to make lifestyle choices that can be part of who we are. To go beyond our old patterns of behaviour. Most of what we do in life is what we have been used to doing; we like familiar patterns of behaviour that we identify with. When we just use willpower to try and make changes to our diet and life. We are very often in conflict with our unconscious. This is where hypnotherapy for weight management can really help to change lives. By working to remove any emotional triggers that may be fueling the way we see food and then working toward a healthier lifestyle, we can then aim towards the changes we want to bring into our lives.

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