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Weight Management 

Meditation by the Sea

We all know the effects to some degree of an unhealthy diet and obesity. Which can lead to various illnesses such as heart attacks, strokes, cancer and type two diabetes to name a few. A major epidemic of our times may be due in some part to a different culture and relationship with food. Very often though the reason is a bit more complicated. There may be anxiety or confidence issues, or we may over eat for a dopamine rush, or for a reward for the hard work we do. However, we have instilled the beliefs we hold and the patterns of behaviour we continue to use. These can be countered by aiming powerful suggestions at the unconscious to install new more resourceful behaviours that can be adopted into general behaviour.

Hypnotherapy and NLP practices in conjunction with an overall strategy for health is the preferred plan of action, so as to change life habits rather than the yoyo of diets. During this process clients can be made aware of their own cravings and related internal dialogue and how they relate to food. Typically this is achieved over the course of 5 – 6 sessions where real life changes can be made and new beginnings started.

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Could you be free of phobias?. Hypnotherapy has a great record when dealing with Phobias and Anxieties and this success rate normally takes only 1 or 2 sessions. Many people have fears and phobias that may well impact their lives, sometimes rarely other times frequently. Very often we do not know where the initial Significant Sensitising Event [SSE] originated from, other times people can remember the exact moment that created the trigger for the phobia. A true phobia is often like a light switch either on or off; other fears and anxieties can be more of a gradual build-up when faced with the prospect of the fear.


When fear or phobia really takes hold it seems as if the rational part of us has literally been overridden by the unconscious automatic learnt response that was programmed in the initial SSE. Most phobias are installed at a young age, normally by seven and often by four. That said phobias can develop at any time and sometimes we cannot remember the precursor for the unhelpful reaction. Using a mixture of Hypnotherapy and NLP I aim to desensitise and reprogram the irrational response running in the unconscious.


Stop Smoking

So you may now be ready to make that change in your life
and take control of your health and bank balance. Hypnotherapy
has an excellent track record when dealing with smoking.
Through a hypnotherapy intervention, you may start to reverse
the negative effects on your health and be able to breathe easier
and have renewed energy. Perhaps the thought of standing out
in the cold and damp is no longer appealing. Or maybe the
impact on family and friends is what can now motivate you
to stop smoking. All of these reasons are more than valid as
a motivation to stop smoking, but many people have all of
these and more and yet continue to smoke. So how can we
remove ourselves from such ingrained habits?

The truth is millions have people have been in this position and many have used Hypnotherapy as a way to overcome this problem. The way we begin to overcome and remove these habits at Enhanced Hypnotherapy, Iss through a combination of Hypnotherapy and NLP and  other techniques 
tailored to the individual. It may feel like part of your personality and seem like a release from stress at other times, These feelings are common and are seen as truths. By integrating your conscious wishes with your unconscious programme, we can aim to alter these patterns and beliefs.

So please feel free to contact me to discuss, or boo a free 15 Min consultation regarding your desire to stop smoking. Where any questions you have can be addressed and we can assess any goals you may wish to set. Then we can arrange your stop smoking sessions and you can begin on a new more enlightened path to health and vitality, with a financial bonus.


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All of us at some time or another have experienced anxiety; it is natural in certain situations that we should feel so. But when this becomes a frequent life-limiting problem we may need help. It may stem from a change in life circumstances such as bereavement or divorce. Or it can be the build-up of subtle trauma under the radar that manifests over time.

Anxiety is useful in some circumstances such as an exam, to heighten our performance and awareness. Although there are degrees in which this may be useful, very often, it is limiting and debilitating. This is because anxiety comes about from the rise in adrenalin and cortisol when we feel we are under threat, which then elicits the fight, flight or freeze response. Although not a definite threat, we can feel social pressures that can build our anxiety leading to a defence response and even panic attacks.


There are many different faces to anxiety and some people may manifest habits such as biting their nails or grinding their teeth. Often our anxieties have triggers that are fired in certain situations reinforcing our perception of the problem. Such as social anxiety with groups or certain sets of people, this is a learnt habituated reaction that can be unlearnt and challenged, thus bringing balance to the beleaguered nervous system.

Coping strategies

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Nearly all coping strategies can start out as what might seem harmless experimentation or helping the individual to get through a perceived stressful time. Over the course of time, this can cause us to become dependent, either physically or emotionally. Many people go through life denying there is any problem or hiding the depth of the issue from others and very often to themselves. Because of the various types of coping strategies available and used by us, the effects are numerous and vary on an individual basis.


Hypnotherapy can help immensely to manage the transitional period of change and tackle any underline problems that may have led to the habits being formed. These habits are often maintained as a defence mechanism, so as not to experience the underline emotion, but then develop a momentum of their own and supersede the original problem.


There are many ways in which Hypnotherapy can help to start to loosen the grip of these patterns and alleviate cravings. Ego strengthening can be used and new resourceful states instilled so hopefully the patterns will not be repeated.  Negative habits can be difficult to break and it is important to consult your GP to check on the individual’s health and receive any additional help.  

Sleep problems/Insomnia

Sleep is nature’s sweet balm according to Shakespeare and who can argue after a good night’s sleep, we usually feel so much more refreshed. Without this restful time to declutter and process information we can feel staid, tired and out of sorts. Over the course of time, this can have serious implications for our health. All of us occasionally have a sleepless night, perhaps through worry, anxiety or excitement. But when this becomes habituated we made need help to break these patterns.  Sleep issues are a major concern for many people and are one of the most common health complaints of our times, this is where Hypnotherapy can be of great benefit.


Through Hypnosis we can aim to tackle any underline causes such as stress and anxiety and target any negative thought patterns by accessing the unconscious mind. Hypnotherapy has a good track record with many types of sleep disorders, as hypnosis is by its nature a relaxed state that can be taught to the recipient anyway. It is important that you seek advice from your GP about sleep disturbance just to rule out any health issues or side effects from medications before receiving hypnotherapy.

Other disorders that may be treated are Nightmares, Night terrors, Bruxism [Grinding teeth], Enuresis [Bed wetting], Restless legs, Sleepwalking, Sleep Paralysis.


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Stress has been said to be the epidemic of our age, invisible as it may seem the effects can be severe and long lasting. To be stressed at times is a natural occurrence within the body under certain circumstances. Back in our hunter gatherer ancestry the release of stress hormones cortisol etc. was in response to a real perceived threat. The fight, flight and freeze reaction to a real danger is what you need in a life or death struggle in shutting down some of the body’s functions and redirecting energy and resources to the limbs and certain areas of the brain. Once the threat has receded the body regains its natural balance and we relax back into a natural rhythm of life. This can often be observed in animals exhibiting a fight, flight, and freeze incident then seconds later returning to graze or relax.

Long term stress can be very detrimental to one’s physical and mental health. Even though the stressor itself may be very real the way we react to it can be altered and turned down for a more harmonious existence.


 Confidence and Self - esteem 


We are constantly evaluating our life and often comparing ourselves to others. Often much of our internal dialogue is negative and self-limiting. This is also fuelled by our perception of whom we are based on and what we believe about the past. When we feel confident and good about ourselves the world is a different place with many opportunities for fulfilment mentally, emotionally and spiritually. But when as human beings we are in a negative state of being, we often cannot see our way out because of the mindset that accompanies this belief.


Our mental health can be compromised with continuing low self-esteem. Seeking out help can break this cycle of self-doubt. With the benefit of Hypnotherapy and NLP, we can tap into untold resources and breakthrough the self-limitations. Using techniques that draw on our resources or forgotten skills, we hope to reinstall a more positive perspective so you can be more you.


Pain control


Pain is, unfortunately, part of the human condition and is vital for our well being it impels us to act when there is an injury or a problem that requires attention, making us take certain actions and avoid others, it makes us pause and tune in to the body. 

These signals we call pain are sent by the brain to the relevant area so we can act accordingly. These messages are experienced in varying degrees of intensity and duration and pain is very individual. 

This subjective experience of pain can be interrupted or to some degree turned off as when we are suddenly distracted or even sometimes asleep. so being a construct of the mind although very much perceived in the body it can at times be diluted. 

The type of pain amenable to intervention is long standing chronic pain that has been medically evaluated and diagnosed. if this being the case and the pain is still there after healing is complete, or perhaps is a longterm issue such as  term issue such as Arthritis, then intervention using hypnotherapy and OldPain2Go may work for you.


Past Life Regression

Whatever your beliefs about past lives, it cannot be denied its an interesting subject, with a lot of anecdotal evidence to back up the claims of the many that have had this profound experience. This may be a feeling of Deja Vue or perhaps a powerful dream that seems to be an echo from the past. Or someone in a regression that gives information that seems impossible to have known prior to the session, which really isn't uncommon. 

Many of the largest religions embrace the theory that we are more than this one expression of this life but link cosmically through time and space to other incarnations. If we look at the quantum world of physics, we see that our Newtonian world isn't as it seems, and reality, if we can call it that, is stranger and more interconnected and complicated than what we could ever have imagined, with multiple dimensions and instant interconnection now accepted generally in the world of quantum Physics.

Past Life Regression pic.png

When we immerse ourselves into a Past Life Regression, we should try to do so with an air of curiosity and intrigue and as best as we can without preconception of what we may experience. There may be little that emerges or some deeply profound experiences, but all should be understood at perhaps a metaphorical level. As well as any meaning that can be taken from our journey as an individual many people have a new sense of clarity and understanding about their lives and their interpretations of this life. Often after embarking on Past Life Regression sessions, we can gain a sense of relief and a new perspective on our existence.

The first session is normally a taster session when facilitating a past life experience, helping the client into a gentle, relaxed state and getting used to the process. What we must understand is that we probably will not be famous; we may or may not be the same sex; the best thing when embarking on this journey again is to just be interested without being invested in an outcome. This way, we allow the natural link and expression to be felt and witnessed. 

So if you would like to know more, then please feel free to contact me, and we can discuss how this may work for you and what benefits could be realised.