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I took this picture a few months back and it got me thinking

of the meaning we make of things and situations, seen through

our perceptual filters. we create our reality to a large extent

through these filters. What meaning do we take from this picture.

Perhaps self reflection, grace, loneliness, beauty, humility, or just

a creature of the universe like us. We always bring something to the


Through Hypnotherapy and other healing therapeutics, we can become more aware of our own

patterning and preconceptions. These filters and presuppositions don't just alter our external reality,

but lock us into negative states of behavior and coping identities. These serve as a buffer to real experience and are often held as absolutes.

In my humble opinion we are never the thoughts or interpretations we are making of ourselves, or

indeed others, but an ongoing flux of transformation and change. Sometimes for the best sometimes not, but nearly always with hope and possibility.


Enhanced Hypnotherapy.

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