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I recently embarked on some further training around Past Life Regression (PLR), and some aspects were absolutely fascinating. Whatever our thoughts around the concept of rebirth or reincarnation, most of us would admit it is at least an interesting idea that may or may not give us a sense of comfort if believed. For myself, in this blog, I will sit on the fence, but there is an abundance of anecdotal evidence to make us question if there is not something more than this transitory life.

To give an example, I was recently talking to a fellow Hypnotherapist, this person relayed a story to me first-hand. They had a client come in for a PLR session or two. Some time through a session, the subject started to talk in a foreign language; the said Hypnotherapist didn't know quite what to do, fair enough, as she didn't understand a word of the language. So she set about writing down as best she could the dialogue phonetically. After the session and with a little work, they discovered the language was Portuguese, but the client did not speak Portuguese; yes, that's right, in fact, they did not speak any other languages. So they hired a translator to see what they could make of all the notes taken. This was then put together to give an account of a peasant living some time back, giving dates and location. Now we can't know how or why this occurred, but what we can probably all agree on is that something rather strange transpired in that session or two.

So if this is the case, what strands of the past do we possibly carry through into this life, and what energy of other-selves do we inherit? Other strange anomalies that sometimes we may encounter ourselves, such as deja vu, for instance, are perhaps a waking version of these experiences. Or is there another possibility rather than some Karmic dance through time as a ceaseless evolving energy? Is there a DNA component or a biological memory that may be able to explain these occurrences?

Many personal PLR will be purely metaphorical, that is, giving us a related situation and imagery that resonates with us at this moment, generated from our unconscious to create a resolution to perhaps a problem we have had or are indeed experiencing. This parallel can create the epiphany we need to shift our reality and bring about the healing we desire. This doesn't diminish the impact it can have on someone's life; it really can be quite profound.

When embarking on a PLR we should have an open mind and curiosity, with no preconceived ideas of what we may experience. This gives us the greatest degree of flexibility to explore our own inner reality. What we might encounter will vary wildly, some things that we witness may give us relief and clarity, but others could possibly be more negative. What we need to know is we are safe, and we can feel grounded in our present time, in this here and now. So if embarking on PLR we know we can take any positives and just venture in with an air of curiosity and intrigue, then it really can be a wonderful experience. If you would be interested in knowing more or booking a session, then please feel free to contact me.

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