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Metaphors of Mind 2

I took this picture, because again of its metaphorical

value. As human beings we have a deep link to the woods and forests. It has deep symbolism for us and we can see this in much of literature, especially perhaps in Fairy Tales and horror films. Think how many references there are in these genres, this isn't a coincidence.

The forest seems to represent something of the unknown and is often used to represent the deeper regions of our minds, where darkness and mystery are hidden in the corners of our consciousness. I don't really think our minds are quite like this and Instead I like to think metaphorically of a mind of light and shade not necessarily good and bad, more of consciousness and awareness and perhaps other aspects hidden in the shadows. But even in our darkest moments within us there are flecks of light highlighting the beauty. Where light streams in, this can lead us and guide our journey through the world and our own discovery of consciousness.

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