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Metaphors of mind 3

Our path, seldom do we examine the path we are on, but many of us are stuck on our past path and reflections. Often using our time and energy here and now to bargain with the past. The path we are on can be overgrown and have obstacles to over come or transition. There may be a gradient, a slight slope or a steep incline, sapping our energy and leaving us weaker. Although these challenges can give rise to an inner strength, helping us to be more resilient at other times. We can also have periods of what may seem a gentle slope downwards, helping us along in periods of quiet and ease in life, where life just seems a little easier. Sometimes we don't even notice whats holding us back and what may be helping us along.

But are we on the same path day after day? With little conscious awareness of our habituated reactive mind to the familiar landscapes of our consciousness. Are we really on a path?, or are we ourselves this very path. Life will always throw things at us, some of us will be relatively lucky, others not so much. This is a fact and the consequence can push us off of our true trajectory of self, but at these nadirs we still have some agency, some meaning to be made of our self and the path of self discovery.

There are so many stories of transcendence after powerful events, where the individual may feel lost and separated from their sense of self, but our deeper wisdom has always an opportunity to reconnect with our true purpose and lead us back onto that path.

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